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Kenyan lady bites off lover’s wife’s ear and swallows it during a fight

A Kenyan lady, has been arrested by the police for biting and swallowing the ear of her lover’s wife during a fight. According to the victim, Grace Washeko who shared the story on Facebook, the lady who is her husband’s mistress came to her workplace and engaged her in a fight. In the process, she bit off a part of her ear lobe and swallowed it.
Speaking to Star news on the incident, the lady said the mistress laughed at her and said she was going to take her husband from her. This got her angry and made them to fight.

“She laughed at me saying she had taken my husband away. I got angry and we began fighting. She bit my ear and swallowed the piece. I don’t know what is wrong with my husband because whenever he comes back, he complains that he is sexually starved and hungry. He acts very abnormally. His parents have asked him to end the relationship with the 40-year old woman but my 27-year old husband has refused to heed their call,” she said.

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