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How to Boost your Youtube Videos Views and Prevent Account Strikes

Social media has proven very useful in the modern age and more than 100million businesses rely on these media for their businesses to run and get more customers.

There are so many social media websites available on the internet, but the top 6 we have is named below:

and Snapchat

We have so many other social media websites on the internet but for now, these are the top social media websites that have the most regular users and commands billions of views and online plays for its contents and a massive online following.

For a business to be successful in this new era, such business has to have an official page on these social media and launch adverts to get more followers and interested customers onto their page which would convert into sales of their products and services.

Today on, we will be focused on one of the top 6 social media sites in the world and the number 1 site for Videos and Vloggers,

It is easier to open a youtube account but what many fail to understand is that there are so many procedures that are important for you to get popular on youtube.
Youtube success is dependent on the number of views you get for each video and the total number of subscribers you can get.

Why do Users want Youtube?

Youtube is one of the most successful Google product that pays out millions of dollars every month to its users. This money comes about from the monetisation of their videos and the number of subscribers the account has been able to amass over time.

In the past, to monetise your video, all you had to do was to get at least 10,000 video plays which was not difficult to get.

The bummer now is that since it was not difficult, more and more people were able to enrol into the Youtube monetization program and this forced the youtube team to increase on the criteria to be eligible for monetization.

As at January 2019 till date, the monetisation program eligibility stood at the user getting 4000hours of video views and 1000subscribers.

This is more tedious to do but is important to maintain the integrity of the program and prevent it from being overcrowded.

Now, I am going to give you secrets you can use to get these number of required subscribers and also video views to be allowed into the Youtube monetization program.

1.Have an official clip art for your youtube account

Registering for a youtube account can be done using your Gmail account. After getting an account, you need to upload an official clip art or image banner of about 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is important to be able to identify your page and what it is about whenever a viewer comes into your page. This clip art clears all doubt and encourages the user to subscribe to your page to get more of your amazing content.

2. Customise your page name :

When registering your page, your name would appear in the box because youtube uses details from your Gmail account and autofills it into their own registration form. All you have to do is to change your personal name into your brand name.
If your page is a comedy page or sports or makeup and so on. It is advisable to include this into the name of your page. Example Ada’s Makeup Home or Xploit comedy or Sahara Reporters.
This name should also be used as the custom URL of your page after you become eligible for one. Youtube would assign a random URL for you at the initial stage but after a while of uploading videos, getting views and subscribers, you will now be able to get a custom Url for your page.

3. Install Youtube Seo Softwares:

Most Vloggers/bloggers would omit this part of the tutorial because they do not want you to know exactly what they are doing to achieve what they are achieving.
For you to be a serious Vlogger,  you have to get a personal laptop for your video editing and uploading. Most vloggers make use of Google Chrome browser because they have a lot of Extensions and apps that could be useful to you.
I have outlined some youtube apps and extensions that would be very instrumental to you and help you achieve success.
1. Tube buddy for Youtube

Tube buddy
This google chrome extension is the number 1 extension for all vloggers who want to make it big on youtube. This extension would help you with the following
i. Seo analysis of your video
ii. Keyword research and Traffic volume for certain keywords
iii. Create custom Thumbnail (Premium users)
iv. Suggest descriptions for videos and titles
v. Customise related videos and subscribe button at the end of the video
vi. Overall Channel Health
These and so much more can be achieved using Tubebuddy for Youtube.

2. VidIQ vision for youtube


This extension is a very important one for all vloggers. It helps you to spy on your competitors, giving you the keywords they are ranking for and percentage of likes versus dislikes on their videos. This extension is like Neil Patel of the blogging world. On every video you get to watch, you will see the keywords used and so many other information that would appear on the right side of the video.

3. I stumbled on this post by that gives the complete tutorial on how to download youtube videos instantly on your phones and laptop for those who do not know how to do that yet.

4. Make sure to talk about your Subscription box and Notification bell in your video

subscribe button

Many vloggers make it a part of their duty to make an intro video where they get to remind whosoever is watch their video to subscribe using the red subscription button below and also click on the notification bell to receive alerts whenever they upload a new video.
This part is important because this is how you get new subscribers. People are dormant and even if they like your video, they will most likely not subscribe unless you require them to in your video.
After the introduction video, include animations or gifs showing the subscription process by the side of your video as this also helps people subscribe to your video.
Many bloggers prefer using little cute kids to work on their subscription video and this converts a lot as people love children.

5. Title and Thumbnail is Very Important:

youtube thumbnail

The title of your video is very important as it gives the viewer an idea of what they are about to watch. Titles should not be misleading or deceptive as this will get viewers really angry and the next time they come across any of your videos on youtube, they will definitely refuse to click to watch.
As important as Titles are, Thumbnails are way more important. A thumbnail is an image that should be less than 2mb according to youtube and should reflect what your video is about.
Example, if you are to upload a video titled ‘Cops get owned’, it would be very wise to have a thumbnail showing a policeman and a police car and probably an editing showing anything that would be related to the topic and can make people click.

Your video Thumbnail is directly proportional to your video title. They go hand in hand. Your thumbnail must be of high quality and must reflect what the title is about. This makes viewers click to watch. Combining instructions in number 4 with number 5 will be a winner for you.
6. Share your Videos across other social media pages
The secret about youtube is the initial 3hours of uploading a video. Once you do that, you have to launch massive ads on Facebook to give the video a boost on the views. After that, you will observe that even after the video ads have ended, your video views on youtube will still increase exponentially and will continue increasing as time goes on.
Bonus tips:  Always reply comments made by your viewers and further encourage them to subscribe to your Page. Make the comments sections lively and try to make your video spicy, with great video quality and resolution, adequate vocal volume and amazing non-copyright instrumentals.
The keep your subscription box number of subscriber to be hidden in the initial stage. People will most likely not subscribe when they see you have a really low number of subscribers. This particular tip has helped AzTv to get even more subscribers than they have gotten before they used these tips.

Hope this helps you. I will be getting more amazing Tutorials for you here
Do well to share this with others!!!

Stay tuned!!!


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