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Lyrics: Deserved – Smoke It Ft S Mo x Jayden Valentine


Chorus: If weed can kill a man, I’ll smoke it,
Cause me don’t give a damn,
Been thru ups an down so maybe I’ll just be on trams,
Smoking blow away that things inside me,
Don’t look me in the eye when I be high in,

Deserved Verse

Messing up ma gun flying,
Mama say you need signing,
I don’t cry when am shining but its God’s plan devil smiling, gaht me high in,
Level up, am that blackboi chewing black nuts call me classy,
See me walking hood up’s up I be flying,
Up top in societies,
Non stopping the fighting,
Am in class topping am shining even sun down nigger flying,
Bloodstains when we partying,
Satan demons bout to blind me,
Play the game no crying,
Tie the lose end getting shoe stress Mina dying,
I be striving and fighting,
Voices yelling all night,
Open doors teeth be shining,
Face my evil all night,
Heart be aching am dying,
Smoking weed am so high,
Catching feelings all night yea
Me flying

S MO Verse

Smoking weed am so high
Like a moonlight.
Eyes are closed,smile is run
after smoking weed
ငါ့ရဲ႕အေတြးေတြမ်ားစြာ color စံုေနၿပီ၊

ပန္ခ်ီကားထဲ ယမမင္းနဲ႔ေႂကြကစားေနမလား၊
လူ႔ဘဝကို weedေသာက္ၿပီးခြီျပေနမွာ

Yeah,I don’t wanna die
Yeah,I don’t waste my time.
Because,I’m king of my life and
Smoking weed make inspire of my mild

Jayden F Val

They be thinking is all love,
Push me to edge
ima show you No love, (raaa)
If you keep messing
with the best
ima put your ass to Rest,
Blazing so much
i cant seem to understand, (No)
Keep a Swisha rolled up
In my night stand,

Im smoking
Im jamming
They look into my eyes
Yeah im gon,
Cali master kush
That be bomb (LA)


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