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Bio: Shangi Para

Facts, Life And Carrier Of Shangi Para

Chukwuebunie mark Kenneth who’s also known as SHANGi PARA is a Nigerian well known artist.
A Singer , rapper , hyper , Viber and also a great dancer…..
I called him the synonym of the terms because he’s highly talented both locally and internationally..
A good hip-hop and Afro beat music master who hails from Enugwu-ukwu town in njikoka local government of Anambra state eastern part of  Nigeria.
He was born and raised in Amafor Nkpor AGU idemili local government Anambra state Nigeria which is also I’m the eastern part of the country..

He was born in the family of Mr.ken-global LTD and he’s the 3rd born of his family the second son of his father Mr. Kenneth Nnatuayam.
mark Kenneth chukwuEbunie Nnatuayam who is also known as SHANGi PARA was born on the 15th day of January in the year 1995…
After completing his primary school at central school Nkpor AGU he went to (ogidi boys ) high school for his Junior secondary section and  completed his senior secondary section at ( Grange high) school “ikeja Lagos” state Nigeria.
His higher institution was at federal polytechnic OKO Anambra state Nigeria where he studied electrical engineering after his graduation he went to Nanmdi Azikiwe universityi for a 6 months music class and still looking forward to complete his music maters degree in the London.

SHANGi PARA was a very talented dancer and a show hype and vibes monster which he has danced for 11 years and he has also won many competitions and awards in dancing and he is the winner of the 2021 Anambara state hype and vibes competition…
He started his musical life at the age of 14  and he is always Called by the senior student in his high school to sing for them because he has genuine love for music mostly singing and dancing which interests so many people to encourage him Even when his biological parents did not support his musical lifestyle due to their strong belief in the Christianity religion but he never dropped the talent that was giving to him by God until the day he produced his first track titled  (  Ball-out ) ft Dopetino SOG.

During his school days at federal polytechnic i OkO Anambra state he was a well know Dancer, stylist,and a motivation to his fellow students.
Because of music his parents refused to train him in higher institution,  but regardless if everything he motivated himself to complete his education with or without his parents support, which he did and graduated successfully because he never stopped pushing himself, and  because he believe that the sky is his starting point that one day he will be on top of the world…
He  was a well know hairstyles both inside and outside the school and he succeeded in buying a unisex beauty salon of his own in the year 2017 at amaokpala new road Oko Polly.

After his graduation from the federal polytechnic OKO Anambra state, he went for a 6 moths musically lecture at Nandi Azikiwe university before he did his first song titled ( Ball out ) with ( dope tino SoG)
And his first single titled ( WIN ) when listening to his songs you will be motivated and also Change Any negative thoughts or feelings you have because he was called for this both spiritually, emotionally and physically….

Now SHANGi PARA is the founder of ( INB music label ) IYOO NATIONAL BODY.
He’s made of the street and he believes in the streets and he’s being loved by the street.




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