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Ehite ‘Bella’ Asfaw Launches An Abuse & Domestic Violence Support group

Ehite ‘Bella’ Asfaw Launches An Abuse & Domestic Violence Support group

Ehite ‘Bella’ Asfaw has launched a Domestic violence and abuse initiative aimed at supporting and providing shelter and safe space for people who have suffered domestic violence, especially women.

Bella said the initiative will also tackle other African social issues including but not limited to interracial relationships, me too issues and outdated cultural practices like female genital mutilation.
She says this support group was borne out of the need to empower and support women who are mostly the victims of these abusive practices.

“The support from the Ethiopian community has been overwhelming and even though the main aim was to act as a support group, I want to broaden our objectives and targets. So far I have funded this initiative with own my finances, and I am currently seeking corporate partners to help finance and expand the initiative” Ehite said.

Bella is also making plans to visit Ethiopia next year with aim of promoting her initiative and helping women who suffer domestic violence.
She said studies have shown that domestic violence and other abusive behavior increased more during these months if the COVID pandemic lockdown. Explaining further, she said the lockdown measures put in place to prevent the spread of covid 19, has forced lots of schools and businesses to either close down or furlough their workers so a lot of families were at home so tempers and irritations become heightened due to this.

Ehite ‘Bella’ Asfaw a.k.a BELLA is a Singer, Poet, Spoken word artist, social activist & Philanthropist. She lives in Dallas where she is currently working on establishing herself as a singer, spoken word artist and business owner.



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